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E-book project 

The aims of this project are spreading the E-book in the all Europian high shools. We want create a new E-book’s form with the following feautures:

  • Easy access for all students;
  • New contents;
  • Universal software platform;
  • Multimedia;
  • Lowcost;

What contents?

Write for E-book is not as write for an classic book. With the e-book is possible have more layers for use, in this way we can have an multimedia book! For example, in an classic book we have one layer, the text is monodimensional, plan, the only our possibility is turn the pages for change the contents. The more complex books are build in an primitive multimedia form, infact this books uses the Note, images, bibliografy and other references. In this way we can say that this book is an multimedia book. With the e-book we can travel through more dimensions, from text to images, from statics images to moving images, from video to audio, from layer 1 to layer 30 without to pass for the other pages and without  lose the comprehension of the concepts. We think the future of the e-book is the Holo-book, an book in 3D where the contents are holograms generated by an small device portable. The read become an multisensorial experience and the learning will be more easy for all!     

What does the Discovery Edition?

We make the contents, from ideas to e-book.

Our work is based on the created of the platforms of the known, developed from main concepts to multimedia product.

The our  application field in this project is the Design of contents and the social problem search connected to use of e-book. In second time we can to program the courses of formation for the teachers and the students. 

For the research we will have available an task force of writers, historical, literary, psicologyst, semiotic, scientist, ect…  

Why e-book in the school?

  • It’s slight to bring;
  • It’s  large storage;
  • It’s easy to use;
  • It’s fast to the learning;
  • It’s online with the e-learning;
  • The contents can be universals and/or personalized;
  • It’s easy to exchange the information; 

How does work

The project is articulate in 3 parts:

The fisrt one is a technique part and of contents

  • Analisys of the actually contents and of the e-book’s reader software;
  • Design of the new Hardware and Software and of the their implementation with old system;
  • Design of the new contents;
  • Analisys about the social problems to connected to use of the e-book;
  • Verify of the functionality of all system;

The second one is a formation part:

  • Presentation of this project in the High Schools;
  • Organize some course of formation to teachers about used of this new e-book and his reader;
  • Organize some course of formation for the students;

The third one is an experimentation part:

  • One year of experiment for test the new system;

What we search?

We search international patners, University, Industries, researchers,  who are interested this project for working to create the future of e-book. Please, if you interested for this work, contact us!

Contact || 

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